Self - defense
Self - defense (100 x 70 acrylics on canvass)
Are you con·tem·plat·ing my nipple again?
Happy Thanksgiving
This one here is a she-rabbit
Kitchensink Diary page #8 - "Couleurs" by M83
Parasite is online
Ow crap!
I've told you not to crop my knees in this one! / I'm afraid you're an asshole,
Alcohol, sex & crossword puzzles (gracias Enrique)
Shit, I forgot what I was looking for...
Other people's dreams: Chapter 2 - Gottfried C.
Daddy I've found somebody's artificial eye in the snow!
Allison&Greg Are Getting Married
David vs Goliath for a goat shepherd - sketch 2
The portraits of unborn: Marjetica and Djemila Göröncsér
Happy Eclipse!
The portraits of unborn: Allyriane Lavallée
Kitchensink Diary page #7
That night my sky was lit by "blue giant" class stars
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