Self - defense
Self - defense (100 x 70 acrylics on canvass)
5 PM Breakfast
Kitchensink Diary page #9
Diehard Death Dream
You are your worst enemy
Canada Tour 2010
Soul Worms Encyclopedia: Sel Fish
hot women are not necessarily fans of cold weather
there's nothing like you and I
Where is my pho?
That day you wated to learn how to opearate a sling.
Do we really need a nightmare to teach you how to eat with knife and fork?
Scarecrow's Penance and the Retarded Corn
The portraits of unborn: Antoinette Rocheleau Arienne Sauvé the Mad - Queen of
David and Goliath for the Goat Shepherd - final oil on canvass
Strong Vlad, Crazy Felicia and Trevor - The Leg Humping Turtle
Football Season
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